The company MYRON SA was founded in 1996 in Greece and its core activities are the following:
1. The coordination, study, construction, supervision, installation and putting in operation of every kind of electrical, mechanical, industrial and telecommunicating equipment and of every complex project in general.
2. The supply of every kind of electrical and mechanical equipment.
3. The representation of domestic and foreign companies involved in studying, constructing and supplying of special machinery for mines, steam-electric and hydro-electric factories and power generation units etc.
4. The trade of products, half-finished products, raw materials and other components.

Furthermore MYRON is also present in the tourist enterprise with the construction and operation of hotel units. At the “Golden Beach” of the island Paros in the Cyclades, Myron operate the 5* Star Apartments - Hotel with the name “Poseidon of Paros”


  Address: Myron SA

  Kifissias 324, 14563

  Athens - Greece

  Tel: +30 2106232080

          +30 2284042650

  Fax: +30 2106232082

           +30 2284042649



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