About Us
About Us

The main companies that are represented by MYRON SA are the following:

TAKRAF GmbH having its seat in Leipzig Germany. TAKRAF constructs bucket wheel excavators and stackers for mines, machinery for the transport of mines’ material e.g. belt conveyors, stacker-reclaimers, gear boxes, transport crawlers for conveyor belt head stations, cranes, container-cranes etc.


SIEGERLAND BREMSEN EMDE GmbH & Co KG (SIBRE) having its seat in Haiger Germany. SIBRE constructs every kind of industrial brake, disc brakes, drum brakes, suitable for excavators, stackers and belt conveyors etc.


RENK AG having its seat in Augsburg Germany. RENK constructs, among others, industrial gear boxes.


STEMMANN TECHNIK GmbH having its seat in Schuettorf Germany. STEMMANN produces energy and data transfer systems for mobile equipment e.g.:
• Cable reels and cable festooned systems for harbour cranes
• Rotary connectors for industrial robots
• Third rail shoegears, pantographs and current collectors for trains and subways.


  Address: Myron SA

  Kifissias 324, 14563

  Athens - Greece

  Tel: +30 2106232080

          +30 2284042650

  Fax: +30 2106232082

           +30 2284042649

  e-mail: info@myronsa.gr


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